Unboxing: Eletech Fortitude

Eletech showcases its technological excellence and creativity flair with the "Virtues" series - derived from the Cardinal Virtues (Raphael) found on the south wall of the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican.


'Fortitude' is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and offers excellent ergonomics, a perfect tinge of warmth with undeniable vocals solvency. It's unique geometry combined with a Type 4-Litz set up enables the Copper to offer excellent staging precision unlike most coppers. Augmented by a Kevlar core, the "Fortitude" is resilient while ensuring the structural stability of extremely high strand counts.


  • 26 AWG

  • Flawless OCC Copper

  • Extreme high strand counts

  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry ; Kevlar Resilient Core

  • Cryogenically Treated

  • Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

  • Individually Enamelled strands

  • FlexiMax Insulation™ (patent pending)


The unboxing experience for Fortitude is rather satisfying. The cable is packed in a cloth pouch together with a leather cable management clip. Then the cloth pouch is stored in the black box with a card stating the specifications. You get all the information and accessories you need from the packaging.

Here're the photos:

Review is on the way, stay tuned!