Simgot EK3 - Reference Redefined

With the insight gained from designing the legendary EN700 series, Simgot uses its expertise and experience to redefine reference sound with the new EK3 in-ear monitors (IEMs).


This is review is originally posted on Headphonesty. Thank you Alan from Simgot for sending me the EK3. The product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion.


Simgot has released many different IEM models over the years. I always respect their hard work because they take every release seriously. Unlike some other Chi-Fi brands that release numerous models to cast a big net and capture more fish (or audiophiles in this case), Simgot takes a more conservative and respectable approach to study and design something that real audiophiles need.

[bq]I have a very positive impression of Simgot from the release of EN700 - which is one of the legendary IEMs in the USD $100 price range.[/bq]

The fit and finish and performance of the EN700 are simply amazing. The addition of EK3 to the family will definitely create joy for audiophiles who love EN700. Will the new EK3 surpass the legendary performance of EN700? We will discover more in this review!

Simgot EK3

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