Review: Queen of Audio Pink Lady – Underrated Gem

Gorgeous and sweet, this is the way Queen of Audio (QoA) portrays the Pink Lady to the audiophile community, winning many hearts.


This review is originally posted on Headphonesty. On behalf of the readers, I would like to thank Dali Enterprise for recommending me to the manufacturer and making this review possible. Besides that, thank you, QoA for sending me the QoA Pink Lady in-ear monitors (IEMs). They were provided for me free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion.


Queen of Audio (QoA) could be unknown to a lot of audiophiles, being a relatively new brand to the audio industry. However, QoA is actually a spin-off company from Kinera Audio, which is definitely no stranger to the audiophile community.

Steve, who founded Kinera Audio, provides his expertise to enrich QoA’s goal of designing excellent products.

Bringing the knowledge and experience from Kinera Audio, QoA has had a great push from the beginning. This is important, especially nowadays where competition is strong in the headphone industry. Without further delay, let’s explore these gorgeous IEMs!

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