Review: iBasso DX220 – The Reference Machine

iBasso DX220 has successfully replaced DX200 as the top of the line (TOTL) product for the brand and poses a threat to other manufacturers with its outstanding resolution and uncoloured sound signature.


Founded in 2008, iBasso Audio is a digital audio product manufacturer from China. The company started with manufacturing digital audio players and amplifiers. With the hype for portable audio players increasing over the years, iBasso began embarking on their journey building in-ear monitors (IEMs), too. I have much experience with iBasso as an audiophile.

Previously, I reviewed their entry-level IEM, IT01s, and the well-received DC02. Both of them are great.

In 2017, iBasso released the DX200 – the replacement of the DX100, which had been the flagship for a long time. While most of us were expecting DX200 to sit in the top position as long as DX100, iBasso announced DX220 during CanJam Singapore 2019. What’s new in this flagship? We shall unveil it layer by layer in this review.