Review: Avara Custom AV3 – The All-Rounder

With the implementation of a larger balanced armature (BA) driver for bass, Avara Custom presents the AV3 – the most musical and fun-sounding model from Avara – suitable for all-rounder and mainstream music lovers.


Alvon, the founder of Avara Custom is an avid audiophile as well as the owner of Jaben Indonesia (an audio retailer since 2009). With his long experience in this industry, he spotted the room for improvement in Indonesia’s audiophile market – a locally made, customizable and affordable line-up. Since then, he has been researching and developing CIEM markets in Indonesia.

With his expertise and experience in the audio industry, particularly in Indonesia, he truly understands the unique selling points for a pair of well-received earphones – from sonic performance to physical appearance.

Hence, he founded Avara Custom with the aim to improve the Indonesian audio market – providing affordable yet high-quality universal IEMs (UIEMs) and CIEMs to musicians and audiophiles. Without disappointment, his leap of faith was well-received locally and he even took it one step further – presenting the brand to global platforms. AV3 is one of the models in his custom series and, according to Alvon, this is the most popular model for both audiophiles and musicians.

Avara Custom publishes this tagline on their website – “The most musical and most fun sounding CIEM from Avara, suitable for all rounder and mainstream music lovers”. How true is this? We will check it out in this article!