Night Audio Appreciation with ConnectIT

A monthly night auditioning event for audio enthusiast to test out the various headphones & earphones with minimal disturbance during the post operating hours of the store. This event enables audio enthusiasts to exchange views and impressions of the various audio products. Follow their event page to get the featured gear list for the night!

Featured Gear List for 1st Feb Night:

1. Sony, DMP-Z1

Finally after long waiting, Sony DMP-Z1 has arrived at Singapore and it will be available for audition at ConnectIT 313 Somerset outlet.

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2. Sonoma Acoustics, M1

“I really am so pleased with the Sonoma M1 headphone system, it’s unbelievably honest and perfectly balanced. I have been able to hear elements to adjust in my mixes I would have missed in studio monitors. I usually avoid headphones due to combo filtering and uneven balance, however the Sonoma system is a breath of fresh air to my ears.”

Roy Hendrickson, Chief Mixer / Engineer / Producer from Powerstation at BerkleeNYC

Various engineers and artists have endorsed this Electrostatic Headphone System by Sonoma Acoustics. You will have a chance to experience the greatness experienced by the endorsing engineers during this night event!

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3. MrSpeakers

  • Ether C

  • Aeon Flow - Open Back

  • Aeon Flow - Closed Back

  • Voce

A few models of headphones from MrSpeakers are available at this night event too. Endorsed by major reviewer sites like Headfonia, InnerFidelity and Theheadphonelist, MrSpeakers' headphones will be one of the reason why you should attend this Night Audio Appreciation with ConnectIT.

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See you there, fellow audio enthusiast!