Jomo Audio Haka - The Breakthrough

Jomo Audio took on a journey to design a single Balanced Armature (BA) driver and Haka is proof to the community that the limitation of the performance of a single Balanced Armature (BA) driver can be addressed.


This review is originally posted on Headphonesty. I won this pair of in-ear monitors (IEM) during CanJam Singapore 2019. Thank you Euphoria Audio who hosted the lucky draw. This is not a sponsored post, but an honest review written from a consumer’s point of view.


Jomo Audio is founded by a broadcast engineer, Joseph Mou. Joseph has long experience in Audio & Video (AV) mixing as well as signal broadcasting. Being inspired by the Japanese word of “Takumi” or Craftsmanship Spirit in English, Joseph extending his expertise to the audio industry. He worked with experts from hearing-aid business to craft wonderful IEMs that sound decent in ear and looks splendid on hands.

"We studied existing single BA driver IEMs in the market and the result was not very pleasant. We kept challenging ourselves to see what we can deliver by using the minimum number of driver and how we can make it better." - Joseph Mou

By understanding the situation and consumers’ needs, Jomo Audio worked closely with well-known Balanced Armature technology supplier to have a breakthrough in the design. However, Jomo Audio was not satisfied with what they can provide off the shelf.

Hence, Jomo Audio decided to embark on designing a new Balanced Armature driver with self-specified performance. The journey was not easy. Numerous trials had been done by the engineers. Jomo Audio Haka is the answer to the mentioned situation.

Jomo Audio Haka

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