Ikko OH10 - The Obsidian

Updated: Jun 24, 2019


Thank you Jeremy from Zeppelin & Co. for sending me the OH10. The product was provided to me for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion and the unit is returned after reviewing.


IKKO is a new in-ear monitor (IEM) manufacturer and the IKKO OH1 is their first release. It first caught my attention with its unique “gem-like” appearance. With its eye-catching blue alloy metal housing, the OH1 will bound to catch attention on the street. It could even be the winner of the IEM beauty contest.

Without disappointing the fans, IKKO releases their second IEMs - IKKO OH10. The shape and faceplate is exactly the same as OH1. What so special about OH10? The choice of material for the shell - copper. Yes, you are right. IKKO uses a copper shell for the latest OH10. I was impressed by the previous release of OH1 and I have high expectation for this model. Let's see whether this IEMs can fulfill my high expectation based on OH1!

Ikko OH10


The packaging of OH10 is very unique. The rectangular box has an animate character on it and the presentation is colorful. Due to its special design, it can be easily spotted when placed on the shelf of any audio shop.

OH10 has a very unique box design

Removing the sleeve, there is a black cardboard box with the IKKO logo printed which contains the pair of IEMs and all the accessories.

Removing the outer sleeve, there is a black box with a silver logo

Opening the box, the shiny and metallic faceplate of OH10 will catch your attention immediately. The glossy and metallic surface of the IEMs had me bedazzled.

Obsidian is lying beautifully in the box

Removing the first layer, you’ll also find:

  • 6 pairs of silicone ear tips

  • A music parchment

  • A metallic IKKO shirt pin

Second layer of the box

What is in the music parchment? I will reveal it in the next section. Moving on, removing the ear tips tray, you’ll find a 0.78mm 2-pin 3.5mm unbalanced cable for the IEMs.

Cable for OH10

Technical Specification

The technical specification for OH10 is printed on the music parchment! You can find the details and also user's guidelines in the parchment:

  • Sensitivity: 106dB

  • Impedance: 18 Ohms

  • Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin

  • Frequency range: 20 - 40kHz

  • Driver configuration: Single Knowles 33518 balanced armature (BA) driver and single 10mm dynamic driver

A very unique specification sheet and user's guidelines


The faceplate of the OH10 is very attractive - shiny, metallic and three-dimensional. The shells is made of polished copper. The unique faceplate makes for easy recognition, even from far. This could be the only IEMs in the market who have this type of design. It is shinier and more three-dimensional as compared to OH1.

Shiny, metallic, reflective

On top to the shell, you can find the 2-pin connector. The 2-pin connector is protected by a layer of transparent plastic. This increases the overall strength of the connector and boosts the confidence of the users when installing and removing the detachable cable.

The nozzle is relatively short as compared to other IEMs. Luckily there is a lip on the nozzle that can hold the ear tips else it would be a huge challenge when performing tips rollings. There is a metal gauge on the nozzle to prevent ear wax from entering the IEMs.

Nozzle length and the side vent

For each shell, there is a vent on the inside and another vent on top. These vents are designed for preventing driver flex. Driver flex is when the driver bends due to the pressure of air against it. Usually, it occurs when you're inserting the IEM into your ear and air in the shell creates pressure to bend the driver. This design is very common for IEMs that utilized dynamic drivers. Thanks to the two vents, I did not experience any driver flex when wearing these IEMs.

Vent on top of the shell

The stock cable provided by IKKO is a 4 core twisted 5N oxygen-free copper (OFC) silver-plated cable. The 0.78mm 2-pins connectors used color to differentiate the side - Red for right and blue for left. There are heat-shrink transparent ear guides that improve the fitting significantly.

However, there is no chin slider on the cable else it would be closed to perfect. The cable is terminated with a 3.5mm unbalanced right-angled jack. There is a strain relief to increase the durability of the jack. Nicely done on the cable!

Cable for OH10

2 pin connectors

3.5mm unbalanced jack

Fit and Isolation

The fitting of OH10 is average for me, same as OH1. I would appreciate a deeper insertion. All the stock ear tips provided cannot give me the deep insertion. With Final Audio Type E ear tips installed on OH10, it gives me the best isolation and fitting.

The 2 vents on the shell allow noise to enter even the isolation is good. I find some noise leakage and affected me quite significantly when I am commuting. Isolation will be compromised when more vents are implemented to reduce the driver flex.



The OH10 is not a power-hungry IEM but with sufficient amount of power, it can unleash its potential, especially on the dynamic driver. While test-driving the OH10, I chose to pair it with my favourite DAP - Opus #3. This assures that OH10 receives sufficient power to perform at its best.


First of all, sound signature. The sound signature of OH10 is kind of fun. Thanks to the contribution of a very efficient dynamic driver that create the depth and inject the air. There is a slight recessed in the mids creating a slight "V" shape kind of sound signature.

The soundstage of OH10 is kind of similar to OH1. There is slight improvement in depth as compared to OH1 making the staging more three dimension. The layering is supreme and details can be presented decently without any congestion.


Rumble. The lows shake the ground when it is called upon. I really appreciate how deep the sub-bass is. This is something I love in the OH1 too. The high performance in the lows is successed by OH10. Excellent.

The response speed for lows is slightly above average speed of a dynamic driver making it to stay at its own region without bleeding into the mids. This is the minimum requirement for lows. Fast response in the lows might create a very technical and dry sound signature. OH10 caught the sweet spot here. Warm while preserving the fidelity.


As mentioned in the previous section, this IEMs has a slightly "V" shape sound signature. Do expect a slight recessed in the mids. I always believe "V" shape sound signature might be the most well-accepted sound signature by consumer. That's why a lot of IEM manufacturers tuned their consumer's range IEMs in that particular manner.

The recessed mids does not affect much when I am listening to pop songs. Vocal sounds smooth and sweet. Potentially due to the warmth in the lows, the mids also possesses a little bit of warmth in the presentation. This made the presentation more emotional and lively.


OH10 is facing the same issue as OH1. The highs is facing an early roll off. It makes the cymbal sounds unnatural. This is a common issue in most of the IEMs in this range. I would appreaciate the highs to be more well-extended with more air to create a more natural and less technical overall presentation.

There is slight emphasis again in the highs. I have a good treble tolerance so there is no issue for me. For those who have high treble sensitivity, you might want to audition it first before adding this to your collection. It might be a little risky.


Ikko OH10 is a threat similar to Ikko OH1 to other manufacturers who produce consumer's range IEMs - be it on aesthetic or performance. This allows beginners to have more choices and alternatives.

IKKO OH10 retails at SGD290. For those who reside in Singapore, you can purchase it from Zeppelin & Co. They allow audition there also! Feel free to drop by for audition and take a break with aromatic coffee! Else you can purchase from Penon Audio. They provide international shipping!