IKKO OH1 - The Meteor

With the release of OH1, IKKO brings a listening experience fit for a audiophile with the simplest approach while keeping the build quality uncompromised.


This review is originally posted on Headphonesty. I bought this pair of IEMs at full retail price. This is not a sponsored post, but an honest review written from a consumer’s point of view. Dollar to performance ratio is included below.


IKKO is a new in-ear monitor (IEM) manufacturer and the IKKO OH1 is their first release. It first caught my attention with its unique “gem-like” appearance.With its eye-catching blue alloy metal housing, the OH1 will bound to catch attention on the street. It could even be the winner of the IEM beauty contest.

However, sound performance will be the main focus for most of the audiophiles. Will the sound quality be compromised due to the focus on the physical appearance? We will find out more in this review!


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