iBasso AM05

DX220 and DX160 are two excellent releases by iBasso in 2019. Now, they shift their focus back to IEMs - introducing the new All Music (AM) 05.

AM05 utilises 5 Knowles balanced armature (BA) drivers. It could be a totally different experience as compared to the InTune (IT) series which is hybrid in configuration.

I have very positive impression with IT04, the latest flagship from iBasso and I have a high expectation on the AM05. iBasso never disappoint me.

To fully optimise the performance of these 5 Knowles BA drivers, a four-way crossover is used to achieve an excellent phase response. The filter is interchangeable.

I believe it allows users to “fine tune” the sound signature by changing the filter.

Similar to the IT series, MMCX connector is used. I am glad that iBasso is not moving towards proprietary connector like a lot of manufacturers. With MMCX connector, cable rolling can be easily done. The stock cable is a oxygen free silver plated copper cable.

I am very excited for this model and I hope I can have a chance to audition it. I will end this article with some photos and specifications. Cheese!