Diminutive Miracle - Final Audio E1000

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

To address the needs of those who appreciate the greatness of E series but were put off by the price, Final Audio made the E1000.


This review is originally posted on Headphonesty.


Final Audio Brand Concept:

Our brand concept is simple and has not changed since the company’s inception.

“the comprehensive pursuit of things that are fundamentally right”. In our pursuit of this, we have actively adopted cutting edge technology such as 3D printers. We believe that such a pursuit is what creates a brand.

In 4th quarter of 2018, Final Audio surprised the community with their new entry level In-Ear Monitor (IEM) - Final Audio E1000. The price is within the Chi-Fi and budget headphones price range. How good can this tiny gemstone be? We will explore the diminutive miracle in this review.


Adopting the pattern from the elder brothers - E2000 and E3000, E1000 has a very minimalist packaging which includes everything you need.

E1000 Packaging (Front)

E1000 Packaging (Back)

Accessories Provided

In the box:

  • Final Audio E1000

  • 5 pairs of Final Audio E Type Ear Tips (XS, S, M, L and XL)


  • Housing: ABS

  • Driver Diameter: 6.4mm Dynamic Driver

  • Cable : Black OFC

  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW

  • Impedance: 16Ω

  • Weight: 15g

  • Chord Length: 1.2m

Build, Fit and Isolation

E1000 could be the smallest IEM that you can find in the market. It can sit well in most of the ears by simply swapping the ear tips. Getting a good fit will ultimately yield a good isolation. Hence, isolation is not an issue for E1000.

Closer Look on E1000

This is the kind of company Final Audio is:

To create the kind of product that can be used for years, until it becomes an antique, we have to create something that we as the creators deem to be truly good.

Final Audio emphasis a lot in their build quality. E1000 is not an exception. It adopted the spirit of Final Audio. The cable used in this IEM is rigid - even more rigid as compared to its elder brother, E2000 and E3000. The shell is constructed by Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) - a common thermoplastic polymer that is light and strong.

Right angled jack is connected to E1000 through a rigid cable


I used one of my favorite music players, Opus #3 for this review. I am using size L Final Audio Type E ear tips.

Test tracks

  • Hotel California (DSD) - 90/160 on high gain

  • Somewhere, Somebody (DSD) - 90/160 on high gain

  • Billie Jean (24 bit/96 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Misery (16 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Perfect (24 bit/ 44.1 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Don't Know Why (16 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Red (16 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Hello (16 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC) - 80/160 on mid gain

  • Bunch of mandopop songs from Jay Chou, May Day and A-Lin (FLAC and WAV)


This IEM is designed to be easily driven by both phones and DAPs. I need to trigger high gain on my DAP only when DSD files are played.

Opus #3 is not a very powerful DAP. High gain is always needed for DSD files.

Overall the sound signature of this IEM is considered as slightly at the warmer side - not too much. The slight warmness in this IEM actually added soul into the music presentation. The soundstage is moderately wide and the depth is sufficient. No congestion in the presentation. It hits the sweet spot of everything without exaggerating.


The lows of this IEM attacks accurately and precisely. The decay is effortless. Everything is precise in this region. It might not be the most you can find in this price range but the quantity is definitely sufficient for a non-bass head. The presentation of sub-bass is deep enough in term of depth which creates good layering - No bleeding towards mids. Clarity is conserved. For bass heads, this might not be the one can feed your desire in low frequency.


As a pop song lover, mids are essential for me. Vocalists should sound lively. E1000 has the ability to produce the emotions and feelings accurately because of its warmness in tuning. Ed Sheeran sounds as perfect as he is singing Perfect. He sounds rich, smooth and full of emotions.

For female vocalists, the presentation is silky and airy. Sufficient air and space makes Jennifer Warnes, Norah Jones and Taylor Swift sounds sweet. I can immerse myself into the songs with this presentation.


Cymbals sound crispy and it is well-extended. E1000 is not the brightest within its price region. I just find the air and space is sufficient in this IEM - neither congestion nor distortion occurs. Peak at high frequency region might cause piercing in the eardrum which will ultimately cause fatigue after long listening. Absence of high frequency peak of E1000 makes it great travel companion for me. I used it during commuting almost every day.


A series of comparisons had been done for you so you can choose an IEM which suit you the most. I have limited IEMs which fall within this price range. Take the comparisons with pinch of salt. Always have an audition before making decision!

Top Left: Final Audio E1000, Top Right: Sennheiser CX1.00, Bottom Left: 1More IM301, Bottom Right: Sony MDR-XB55AP

1More IM301

This is a slightly more “relax” sounding IEM as compared to Final Audio E1000. The overall sound signature is darker as compared to E1000. As a comparison, E1000 has a more energetic and fun performance. Fitting wise, E1000 has a more “universal” fitting as compared to IM301 because IM301 has a larger metal housing which could be disastrous for those with small ears. IM301 has a volume control that is compatible with both Android and iOS while E1000 does not have any in-line controls.

Sennheiser CX1.00

This is the entry level IEM of Sennheiser CX series. This comparison might not valid because CX1.00 actually costs SGD30 more than E1000. However, E1000’s performance is comparable with CX1.00 despite the price difference. CX1.00 sits slightly at the brightest side as compared to E1000. It might cause some listening fatigue for those who has less tolerance towards frequency peak. Both of them offer good fitting with their small and light housing. There is no in-line control for both of the models.


As mentioned in the sound analysis, E1000 might not feed bass-heads well at the low frequency region. MDR-XB55AP might be a better choice for bass head. MDR-XB55AP is the entry level Extra Bass series IEM offered by Sony which targets bass-head with bass desire. It sounds more fun and musical as compared to E1000. This fun and musical tuning caused it to lose part of the neutrality. Choice need to be done - Fun and musical or neutrality. The choice is yours!


Final Audio E1000 is retailing at SGD39 (USD29.99). It can be purchased at most of the major audio retailers such as ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop (Singapore) or Audio46. There are 3 color options - Blue, red and black.

With the price that would not burn your pocket, Final Audio presents E1000 to you with a supreme quality - both build and sound quality. Width, depth, lows, mids, and highs are at the well-balanced spot. Equilibrium might be the best word to describe this IEM. I cannot deny that this could be the most that I can find within the price range.

Well done Final Audio!