FiiO EM5 Flagship Earbuds

With the emergence of IEMs and true wireless earbuds, the conventional "flat-head" wired earbuds are slowly neglected and dropped by IEM manufacturers. If you are a "flat-head" earbuds lover, FiiO is here for you. Introducing the new EM5, flagship "flat-head" earbuds from FiiO.

FiiO EM5


FiiO was established in 2007 and has experience in researching and developing countless portable music products of different types, and sell FiiO-branded products through sales agents worldwide.The brand name FiiO is composed of Fi(fidelity from HiFi) and iO(number 1&0), representing the real feeling and convenient life that digital brings to life. Meanwhile, the Chinese “飞傲” is the transliteration of FiiO, indicating the positive and innovative spirit as thriving as spring.

About EM5

The shells are made with high-precision 3D printing technology with shape design inspired by dragons. The body is printed with high-end resin materials and houses a large 14.2mm beryllium coated dynamic driver. Another attraction in the FiiO EM5 is its cable - it has a 120-core pure silver Litz braided cable with interchangeable termination plugs.

Apart from such a premium cable, the package also contains a premium FiiO HB3 leather carry case and 18 pairs of sponge ear foam covers.

Technical Specification:

  • Driver configuration: Single Beryllium coated 14.2mm dynamic driver

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz

  • Impedance: 32Ohms @ 1kHz

  • Sensitivity: 109dB @ 1mW

  • Cable length: ~120cm

  • Cable material: Pure silver Litz braided

  • Weight: 23.9g

The EM5 retails at USD$299. For those who are interested, you can visit HiFiGo for more information.