Studio Energizer - Empire Ears ESR

Injecting the knowledge obtained from the studio into the development of the Empire Studio Reference (ESR), Empire Ears tuned this in-ear monitor (IEM) uniquely for discerning producers and engineers who need a neutral, uncolored reference IEM.


This review is originally posted on Headphonesty. I bought this pair of IEMs at full retail price. This is not a sponsored post, but an honest review written from a consumer’s point of view. Dollar to performance ratio is included below.


Gathering a team of passionate engineers, musicians, and audiophiles, Empire Ears desires to design the finest IEMs in the world. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Empire Ears successfully realized its ambitions with the release of the award-winning Zeus in 2015. The Legend X soon took over the Zeus’s legacy and it continues to prove Empire Ears’s quality in the industry.

"As the leader in our industry we are committed to never give up in our search for the extraordinary. Immersive sound signatures, cutting-edge design, and unrivaled build quality are the hallmarks of our IEM systems." - Empire Ears

Leveraging the experience gained in building the well-received Spartan, ESR is designed to present a more refined neutrality across the frequency spectrum. Adding pleasant warmth and greater body to the sound, it yields a more exciting midrange and ultimately generates greater resolution.

With this implementation, the ESR stands out for its well-balanced sound. It is one of the most balanced IEMs in Empire Ears's lineup. The ESR’s price to performance ratio creates a serious challenge to other IEM manufacturers. We will further discuss this in this review.

Empire Ears ESR

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