Element Technology (Eletech) and Metal Magic Research (MMR) Launch in Singapore

Element Technology (Eletech) and Metal Magic Research (MMR) made their first debut in Singapore on 8th February 2020 at the biggest audio shop in Singapore, ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

Introduction of Eletech:

Element Technology (Eletech) is an innovative driven cable artisan headquartered in Singapore. Co-Founded by Eric Chong, a prominent figure within the cable segment of Head-Fi industry alongside materials specialist Wang, an incredible talent in the arts of materials engineering whom have been experimenting with cable crafts for decades. Eletech is the platform wherein the pair explores unconventional approaches to developing the zenith of cables though the perfect synergy of musicality, technology, design and innovation.

Eric Chong has been deeply involved with the IEM cable industry segment for the better parts of 5 years while being an industry veteran for the past decade. He has collated various forms of limitations that cable manufacturers have encountered that has steered themselves away from a breakthrough of current bottleneck. Eletech therefore adopted a community-driven approach that is reinforced by a global mindset and talents to their R&D ensuring that the products and innovation shall always stay at the forefront of the industry while maintain excellent transparency. Eletech has also forged various vital connections with IEM & DAP manufacturers, constantly collecting feedback as to ensure that their products are in perfect synergy with the industry key leader's products.

Introduction of MMR:

Metal Magic Research (MMR) is the frontier of the newest research in In Ear Monitors (IEM) technology. Spearheaded by Joseph Mou, highly recognized electro-acoustic architect by the industry whom formerly founded "Jomo Audio" and received widespread successes for it's IEMs and Customisation solutions within the Head-Fi audiophile and Musician trade. Prior to the establishment of MMR, Joseph discerned the various limitations of being a purely Singapore based manufacturer. Albeit being a technological hub, Manufacturing resources and Talents are finite.

Hence, Metal Magic Research (MMR), is augmented by a team of experts specialising in "Industrial Design", "Manufacturing - Process Implementation" as well as "Marketing & Research". Metal Magic Research (MMR) strives to perfect the consummation of impeccable acoustics design with excellent aesthetics & ergonomics through the use of various ingenious methods to process manufacturing implementation. These processes are further reinforced by the Research & Marketing team whom are always at the forefront of the ever changing requirements of the IEM industry gathering vital intel from consumers and industry experts as well as opinion leaders. As such, MMR innovations not only comes with a creative flair but is also a befitting alignment of current lifestyle standards.

Highlights of the show:


'Homunculus' is engineered with the perfect female vocals, realistic portrayal of unplugged and live acoustics. It's built with an extremely high efficiency configuration coupled with the newest components in the industry. 'Homunculus' features a customised 9.7mm dynamic driver which solved vibrational distortions while replicating cinematic bass response. It uses bespoke vented mid BA to texturised vocals and added a tinge of emotions while reducing e-stats inefficiency with a dual electrostatics set-up. MMR team behind 'Homunculus' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM. Housed within a MMR specialty Titanium shell, the monitor is offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.

I am impressed by the soundstage of Homunculus when I first listened to. It is a totally different experience as compared to typical IEMs. It is more like listening to speakers or headphones. Impressive!


  • 4 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration

  • Dual Electrostatics , 1x Vented Mid , 1x Bespoke 9.7mm Foster Dynamic Driver

  • 3-Way Passive Electro Frequency Division

  • TriBore Waveguide

  • Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 80kHz

  • Impedance: 35ohm

  • Noise Isolation: -18db


‘Prudence’ is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and offers excellent ergonomics, an energetic performance without sacrificing details and accuracy. It's unique geometry combined with a Type 4-Litz set up enables the Silver Plated Copper to smooths treble extensions while having a visceral bass response. Augmented by a Kevlar core, the "Prudence" is resilient while ensuring the structural stability of extremely high strand counts.

High quality and quantity of details are delivered by Prudence. I paired with ItsFitLab Fusion, it gives tonnes of energy and details. I love this pairing a lot. The physical texture of this cable is satisfying too - supple and no microphonics. It fulfills all the basic requirements of a good cable.


  • 26 AWG

  • Flawless OCC Silver Plated Copper

  • Extreme high strand counts

  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry ; Kevlar Resilient Core

  • Cryogenically Treated

  • Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

  • Individually Enamelled strands

  • FlexiMax Insulation™ (patent pending)


'Thummim' is most significantly exemplified by an inconceivable spherical soundscape offering texture and details with distinct wideness, abysmal depth and soaring height. It's a MMR prized design befitting of a modern world audiophile flagship status and a showcase of MMR's top notch technology. 'Thummim' artisanal usage of 4 electrostatics that's conjoined within a single transformer allows the flawless oeuvre of musical masterpieces to come alive. MMR team behind 'Thummim' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM. Housed within a MMR specialty Titanium shell, the monitor offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.

Thummin has a different approach as compared to Homunculus. The presentation is more forward and I believe this is design more for monitoring or serious listening as compared to Homunculus. The details Thummin delivering is massive. No note is left out throughout the whole track. Get ready to receive them and enjoy the music to the max!


  • 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration

  • Quad Electrostatics , 2 Vented Mid , 2 Highs , 1x Bespoke 9.7mm Foster Dynamic Driver

  • 4 - Way Passive Electro Frequency Division

  • TriBore Waveguide

  • Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz

  • Frequency Response : 10Hz - 80kHz

  • Impedance: 35ohm

  • Noise Isolation: -18db


Eletech traverse uncharted territories of cables and materials realm with the "Parnassus" series - derived from the "The Parnassus" (Raphael) found on the second wall of the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican depicting poetry and literature.

This is a more lush and smooth sounding cable. The holography presentation capability is something that attracts me. It focus more on a presentation as a whole than focusing on small details like Prudence. I believe this could match well with those TOTL IEMs which already carrying tonnes of details - improving on the stage and bring it to perfection.



  • Flawless Monocrystal Silver & Palladium Plated Silver & Gold-Silver Alloy


I am impressed by the models presented by these two companies and I believe they can be the show-stoppers for upcoming audio shows. Stay tuned for reviews on their products! Here are some photos taken from the show: