CanJam Singapore 2019 Report

CanJam Singapore 2019 took place in Pan Pacific Singapore on 30th and 31st March. I was there for both days as media and helper for Campfire Audio booth. It was a fantastic experience for me to talk with audiophiles and reviewers from different countries.

1. FiiO

On 16th March, FiiO announced the launch of 7 new products:

  • M11

  • Q5s

  • FH7

  • M5 (BTR5?)

  • THX Certified AM3D

  • AM3.5PRO (Only in China)

  • LC2.5D/3.5D/4.4D

I spent some time with the new products. I am amazed by the new products by FiiO - sturdy and well-designed. However, I am a little disappointed by the representatives sent by FiiO for CanJam Singapore. They need more experiences with their own products. They did not know which cable suppose to be in the package of FH7 so I auditioned it with the new LC2.5D/3.5D/4.4D.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in FiiO, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

2. iBasso

Recently there are a lot of news on the release of iBasso DX220 and iBasso IT03w. Both of the models had their debuts in CanJam Singapore 2019. I was at iBasso booth for during day 1 to try out the new models. Unfortunately, due to software glitches, iBasso DX220 was not available for trying.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in iBasso, you can check it out at Zeppelin & Co.

3. Dignis

Dignis is a case manufacturer from Korea. I love the design of their case but too bad they do not have a case for my Opus #3 else I would more than happy to get one from them. For major brands DAP users like Sony or Astell & Kern, you can check out their website for fancy cases specially designed for your DAP!

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Dignis, you can check it out at Zeppelin & Co.

4. Feliks Audio

Feliks Audio is a award winning company that produced amazing tube amp. I love the design of Euforia and Echo -not to the extent of gigantic while giving you the power you needs. Both of the mentioned models had received awards from Headfonia. Nicely done!

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Feliks Audio, you can check it out at Zeppelin & Co.

5. Audio Genetic

Audio Genetic is a Hong Kong audio manufacturer who provides high quality IEMs and upgrade cables, from entry level to the most premium one among the market. It is well-received by the local community based on the crowd waiting to audition their products.

6. Ranko Acoustics

Ranko Acoustics is founded by a team of audiophiles from the USA, Japan, China and Taiwan that has devoted itself to developing top quality audio products and accessories with affordable prices. While many audiophiles are willing to pay high price electronics and speakers for sonic excellence, Ranko Acoustics believe a fine “tweak” can make a mid-price system sound as good or may even better than those equipment with high-price tag.

7. Lotoo

Lotoo released their new DAP, Lotoo Paw Gold Touch before CanJam Singapore 2019. This lead crowd to gather at the booth to audition the greatness of this new TOTL. Personally I love the volume control knob of this DAP and the implementation of 4.4mm audio output.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Lotoo Paw Gold Touch, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

8. Empire Ears

Empire Ears, originally know as Earwerkz showcased their latest limited IEM - Phantom X Limited Edition during CanJam Singapore 2019. This IEMs come with Effect Audio Thor Silver II or the new Cleopatra as the stock cable. Amazing!

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Empire Ears, you can check them out at Euphoria Audio.

9. Campfire Audio

After long testing and trying, Campfire Audio officially launched Equinox, the custom fit version of Atlas. This is surprising and amazing for me as a Campfire Audio lover. This is the first time Campfire Audio manufacture a custom fit IEM. If this is well-received, I hope Campfire Audio can design the custom fit version for Solaris (Check my review!) and Andromeda. I would love them!

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Campfire Audio, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop. They are offering free ear impression if you make an order for Equinox.

10. InEar Monitoring

Under the management of Andreas Schmitt, InEar Monitoring developed a series of amazing products for audiophiles and artists. After the revamp of the design last year, StageDiver series IEMs and ProPhile 8 received a brand new look. Different colors are used for different model in StageDiver series. Besides different colors, InEar Monitoring launch wood version of StageDiver 5 and Prophile 8. Very special and unique.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in InEar Monitoring, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

11. RHA

I have very long experience with RHA from MA750 to TrueConnect (Check my review). This year, RHA showcased their first truly wireless earbuds, TrueConnect and first planar magnetic IEM, CL2 during CanJam Singapore 2019. Very friendly representatives made the audition session amazing.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in RHA, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

12. Aroma Audio

Aroma Audio is a relative new player in the audio industry from Hong Kong. Despite being new, Aroma Audio showcased products that required years of experiences to produce. This is amazing. It stands out among all the competitors - offering high quality IEMs, DAC and amplifiers.

13. Labkable

Labkable is an upgrade cable manufacture from Hong Kong. As a believer, I believe a correct cable can unleash the potential of the IEM. Labkable provides wide range of solutions for believer like me.

14. YAXI EarPads

YAXI Earpads is one of my favorite earpads. I used YAXI stPad for my Audio Technica ATH-M50x and it fits perfectly. The bass is enhanced and sound leakage is minimised. These earpads are hidden with a #ninjaneko and I spotted them immediately because of its grand design of packaging.

15. 1More

1More is an award winning audio manufacturer despite being a new player in the audio industry. I wanted to have an audition on the new penta-drivers IEM but unfortunately it is not yet available for audition. I was told by the representatives the penta-drivers IEM will be available in the market by end of this year. We shall wait for it.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in 1More, you can check them out at ConnectIT by Jade Gift Shop.

16. Fir Audio

Fir Audio is founded in 2018 by longtime In-Ear Monitor pioneer Bogdan Belonozhko. Fir Audio exists to offer many necessary and unique accessories for all IEM owners. Fir Audio was born out of nearly a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing custom IEMs in the great Pacific Northwest.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Fir Audio, you can check them out at Music Sanctuary.

17. Custom Art

Custom Art was founded in May 2012 in Warsaw by Piotr Granicki, a long-time reviewer of portable audio equipment, Head-Fi member, and DIYer. The natural step forward for him was to create his own series of earphones. The company’s foremost philosophy is to deliver the best products possible at the most affordable pricing and delivering this kind of quality requires Custom Art to be excellent at service and sound. As one of the few companies in the world offering custom in-ear monitors in silicone instead of regular acrylic, Custom Art takes advantage of silicone and its soft comfort to allow monitors to be worn for longer periods.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Custom Art, you can check them out at Music Sanctuary.

18. Jomo Audio

Jomo Audio is a Singapore local company founded by a broadcast engineer who worked in the field with extensive hands-on experience of video & audio mixing and signal broadcasting. In partnership with the experts from the hearing-aid business, by the inspiration from the Japanese word of "Takumi" or Craftsmanship Spirit, Jomo Audio crafts monitors that sound wonderful in ear and look splendid in hand.

The new release of Trinity, Jomo Audio set the trend and benchmark for other manufacturers to follow and challenge. If you have a chance, I highly recommend you to have an audition with the new Trinity.

For those who resides in Singapore and interested in Jomo Audio, you can check them out at Euphoria Audio.

19. Cayin

The most eye-catching product in Cayin's booth during CanJam Singapore 2019 is the new flagship DAP, Cayin N8. The implementation of Tube Amp Timbre in DAP set a new benchmark for DAP manufacturer. Similar to Sony NW-WM1Z, this DAP has a 4.4mm audio output and the weight that is comparable to NW-WM1Z. A very strong competitor for Sony, Astell & Kern and Lotoo.

20. Astell & Kern

Being one of the biggest players in personal audio manufacturer, Astell & Kern showcased their new lineup - T5p 2nd Gen, SP1000M Gold and Diana. Before CanJam, I had an opportunity to audition T5p 2nd Gen and Diana. The cables of them are amazing. For SP1000M Gold, I heard that it is on limited number production and all produced units had been sold.

21. Final Audio

Final Audio showcased their new B-series line up in CanJam Singapore 2019. The crowd there was out of control. I barely have the chance to audition on them but I know Project Perfection in Singapore will have them soon and I will be there to audition them!

22. Abyss

This is the first time I have the chance to try headphone from Abyss. Model AB-1266 Phi Tc caught my attention when I was at the booth. The design is unique and I had a short audition on it. The first impression is warm and smooth but fitting is weird. I need to spend more time with it to draw a conclusion.

23. Chord

I always find that Chord's product is one of the best in the audio industry. Everything is nicely designed and tested to ensure the functionality. You will seldom experience disappointment with Chord's product. Chord understands the needs from consumers and they design according to the needs. This is what audiophiles need. I talked to Edd Harris, marketing manager of Chord Electronics Ltd during CanJam. He is a very passionate guy and I really enjoy talking with him.

24. Audeze

Audeze's booth is at a non-strategic position this year - at one of the corner. I am fortunate that I stop by Chord's booth and I immediately noticed those headphones with unique design. Almost all audiophiles can recognize Audeze from far with their unique design. The representative from Audeze is very passionate and I spent around 20 minutes just to share my experience on Audeze with him.


CanJam Singapore 2019 is a fruitful one for me. I had the opportunity to experience the passion of the Head-Fi community. I spent my weekend well talking to audiophiles and reviewers from all over the world. Thank you Head-Fi for giving me the media pass.

Last but not least, thank you Euphoria Audio for the amazing gift from lucky draw during CanJam Singapore 2019. See you all again next year! The Audiolocheese out!

(I won a Jomo Haka in the lucky draw and I shall write a review on the amazing IEM once I received it from Euphoria Audio)